Tips For Choosing a College Or University

It is not easy to choose the right college or universities because choices are immense. So, if you are scouting for one, here are some tips to make this otherwise arduous task much easier.If you have more or less nail down, say 20 colleges or universities, then find out how successful has their students been in getting employment relating to your course of studies. Ask the college or universities for these statistics and ask them how the statistics were compiled. If they are a bit secretive or give lots of excuses etc, walk out and don’t look back for they are not worth your time and money.If you bump into one which offers internships in the areas you are interested in, they should get your top marks because internships are value for money in terms of practical experience and networking. Besides, employers are often on the lookout for graduates who excelled during their internship.Find out the rankings and reputation of the college/university you are interested in. Employers often go for graduates who are from reputable outfits. But don’t depend on what the college/university said alone. Get these data from magazines and browse the internet to do cross referencing. Remember, virtually no profit-driven organizations will talk bad about themselves.Let say you have narrowed down your choices to only a couple of schools, so the next logical step is to pay them a visit. What you see can change your perception and attitude because visual impact and the emotional ambiance of the school mean a lot. Ask the college for permission to talk to the students on your own to fine tune your impression of the school.If the college/university has an alumni association or club, pay them a visit and ask lots of questions. An important question to ask them is whether the degrees or whatever they have obtained had been useful in their career.Sometimes, it is difficult to determine which major to pursue because there are so many to choose from. If that is your case, then it’s best to talk to the school’s counsellor and they should be able to walk you through the landmine based on your interest and aptitude. Also dig answers to questions such as student population, percentage of students who complete their studies each year, accommodation facilities, fees, lecturers and extra-curricular activities.Oh yes, another important question which you should never forget to ask is how many percent of their graduates return to pursue other courses. If the percentage is high, then you can be very sure that the quality of education they dished out is high. Otherwise, why would their graduates bother to return?Okay, one last tip. Let’s say you are currently working in a certain firm and you want to improve yourself. Then by all means talk to your employer and ask them to recommend a school for you. Who knows, your employer may be so impressed with your drive that they may be willing to sponsor your studies! Good luck. I hope these tips to help you select a college or university are useful.

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